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Kruse, Hunter Attend Conference


Hamline School of Law Professors Mary Jo B. Hunter and Kate Kruse attended the Association for American Law Schools (AALS) Conference on Clinical Legal Education, Valuing Variety: Diversification in Clinical Legal Education, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in April. Kruse chaired the five-person planning committee for the conference, which drew 700 participants from law schools in the United States and around the world. The conference explored the timely issue of how law schools can and are responding to the increased push for experiential learning in a time of dwindling resources by showcasing a variety of innovative models and teaching methods for low-cost and high-impact learning. Hunter, who is the co-vice president of the AALS Section on Clinical Legal Education, attended the conference and provided leadership through the executive committee of that section. Additionally, Hunter served as a working group leader for the family law/criminal focus group throughout the conference. Learn more: AALS 2013 Conference on Clinical Legal Education