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Hermer Presents Rheumatology Event in Texas

Hamline School of Law Associate Professor Laura Hermer gave an invited presentation entitled On Ethical Duties in Tight Places at the third annual Texas State Rheumatology Roundup in The Woodlands, hosted by the Southeast Texas Rheumatology Association on May 4.

The goals of the Southeast Texas Rheumatology Association are to educate Texas rheumatologists on current and future scientific advance the field of rheumatology; to remain current on political changes and how they impact business and Texas rheumatologist clinical practice; and to encourage research in the field of rheumatology to enhance the quality of patient care. To achieve these goals, Texas Rheumatologist formed regional non-profit organizations: Southeast Texas Rheumatology Association (SERTA) and South Texas Association of Rheumatologist (STAR). These regional organizations collectively meet two times a year to discuss and present information related to the field of rheumatology and how it impacts the practice of rheumatology.