Hamline News

Building Ties to the Heart of Europe


An LL.M. student from Germany's University of Trier will be attending classes at Hamline during the 2007-08 academic year as part of a new bilateral exchange program between the law school and the University of Trier. Because the University of Trier does not include a law school (students there earn a basic law degree by attending the undergraduate school for an extra two years), Hamline students taking advantage of the exchange will serve internships at the Clifford Chance Law Firm in Frankfurt.

"The exchange program with the University of Trier builds on the Law School's already strong study abroad program," commented Dean Garon. "It also strengthens our commitment to building Hamline's LL.M. program, which already includes outreach recruitment efforts in India, Brazil, Africa and Israel."

The University of Trier, pictured above, is located on the outskirts of Germany's oldest city, close to the borders of Luxembourg, France and Belgium. Teaching and research focus on European issues, practical application of academic concepts and interdisciplinary subjects, including law. Total enrollment at the University of Trier is 11,500. While new to the Law School, undergraduate students at Hamline University long have participated in a similar bilateral exchange program at the University of Trier.