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Symposium will result in Decision-Making Principles for Resolving Conflicts in Health Care



Symposium theme leaders from left: Mary Foarde, General Counsel, Allina Health System; Dr. James Thompson, Presiddent and CEO, Federation of State Medical Boards; Lucinda Jesson, Director, Hamline Health Law Institute.

Health care decisions are influenced by different and competing value systems: an increasingly diverse and aging population of patients; a growing universe of traditional and non-traditional health care providers; the ever-expanding role of third-party payors; suppliers promoting rapidly changing technologies and marketing directly to patients; policy-makers who promote increasingly divided ideologies and regulators caught in the middle. The result is an overwhelmingly complex set of challenges that provoke conflict at all levels.

stillmanDr. Marty Stillman, Ass't Professor
of Medicine, Univ. of MN Medical School;
Physician, Dept. of General Medicine,
Hennepin County Medical Center

Recognizing that the system cannot be easily "fixed" or the problem "solved," Hamline's Dispute Resolution and Health Law Institutes hosted the biennial symposium, "An Intentional Conversation about Conflict Resolution in Health Care," on November 8-10. Hamline's symposium brought together a carefully selected group of nationally recognized representatives of patients, health care providers, payors and regulators, and experienced conflict resolution professionals. The symposium explored how health care professionals and conflict resolvers can work together to identify essential guiding principles for addressing conflicts across the health care field.

Dianne Hoffman, Professor of Law and Director of the Law and Health Care Program at the University of Maryland Law School, served as one of symposium discussion team leaders. She called the symposium, "A wonderful opportunity to bring together people with expertise in health care, health care delivery, health law and conflict resolution to learn from each other."

Mary Foarde, General Counsel at Allina Health System, concurred. "I really enjoyed this symposium and am glad Hamline put it on," she said.

More than twenty post-symposium reflective essays written by symposium participants will be published in the Spring 2008 issue of the Hamline Journal of Law & Public Policy. In addition, the Hamline University School of Law Dispute Resolution and Health Law Institutes will co-publish "Principles for Responsible Decision-Making in Health Care Conflicts," a booklet intended for widespread dissemination in the health care industry.