• SPAN @ Hamline

    Get a world away with SPAN@ Hamline University. Changing lives through research since 1947

    The Student Project for Amity among Nations, SPAN, Minnesota’s oldest study-abroad program, is now at Hamline University and ready to take Pipers and other students abroad for a unique program

    Founded after World War II by a group of Minnesota students and faculty who saw the need for international understanding, SPAN has continued to serve student researchers in Minnesota to this day. In over seven decades, more than 2,500 SPANners have visited 85 countries on six continents. Nearly 100 SPANners have been graduates of Hamline University.

    When participating in a SPAN @ Hamline program, students have access to the knowledge of generations of SPANners through the Minnesota SPAN Association, a non-profit organization set up to help support current students through an alumni network, volunteer opportunities, and by providing scholarships.

    For more information on SPAN's lengthy history, check out the Minnesota SPAN Association's page: www.minnesotaspan.org 

  • SPAN@Hamline Overview

    The program at Hamline University includes preparatory coursework, summertime research abroad, followed by the completion of a substantive research paper or project. Throughout these three phases of the program, students receive hands-on mentorship from faculty and have access to professionals and overseas resources to more fully answer a research question. Students pursue interviews with experts on their self-chosen topics.

    Students interested in participating on SPAN@Hamline will:

    • develop a research proposal on a self-chosen topic
    • conduct fieldwork abroad with assistance from Hamline's abroad partners
    • be part of a cohort when abroad with Hamline staff with knowledge of the research destination
    • be mentored by faculty who are trained researchers
    • earn 6 Hamline University credits in the summer term
    • be eligible for SPAN scholarships to assist with research/travel costs
    • grow professionally, personally, and academically
    • make international connections and build on global citizenship

    SPAN seeks to attract independent-minded, self-driven students. With SPAN @ Hamline, participants prepare for research abroad by enrolling in an in-depth research methods course and destination specific orientations prior to departure. At the end of the fall semester (following the summer abroad), students will write a substantive research paper or produce a hybrid project that has been reviewed by several faculty researchers.

    For more information about becoming a SPANner as part of the SPAN@Hamline Program, see  

                                                           SPAN Student page

    Faculty Leaders & SPAN@Hamline

    Faculty can get involved with SPAN@Hamline. See the SPAN Faculty page for more information on how instructors can lead a SPAN group and train the next generation of undergraduates to conduct field work and do research abroad

                                                            SPAN Faculty page