• Student Loan Programs

    To be considered for any Federal Loan, students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You can learn more about applying for the FAFSA on our page about How to Apply for Financial Aid. You may also download our Student Loan Code of Conduct.

    To be eligible for all federal loans and some alternative loans for students, you must be enrolled at least half-time per term in a degree-seeking program. To see enrollment definitions and other important loan information such as loan disbursement dates, federal reporting, loan deadlines, and counseling requirements, scroll toward the bottom of this page. 

    For All Students

    Federal Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loan
    All eligible students may apply for the Federal Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loan for up to the amount shown on the financial aid award letter.

    Alternative Loan
    Alternative loans are non-federal loans with you, the student, as the borrower. Alternative loan approval is based on your satisfactory credit history. Some alternative loans require a credit-worthy cosigner or allow you to use a cosigner in order to receive a lower interest rate. Typically, federal student loans are less expensive and offer better repayment terms than alternative education loans, so be sure to exhaust your eligibility for federal student loans before considering an alternative education loan.

    Additional Loans For Undergraduate, Post Baccalaureate, Online Bachelor's Degree Completion, and Teaching License Students Only

    Federal Direct Parent Plus Loan
    Parents of dependent undergraduate students may borrow a Federal Direct Parent Plus loan. The maximum your parent may borrow is the cost of attendance minus all other financial aid sources. If you need assistance with the amount you (or your parents)are eligible to borrow, you may contact the Financial Aid Office.

    United Methodist Scholarships and Loans
    These United Methodist Funds are only available to undergraduate students who are members of the United Methodist Church.

    Additional Loans For Master, Graduate Certificate, and Doctorate Students Only

    Federal Direct Graduate Plus Loan
    Students may be eligible to apply for the Federal Direct Graduate PLUS in addition to the Federal Direct Unsubsidized loan. The maximum you may borrow is the cost of attendance minus all other financial aid sources. If you need assistance with the amount you are eligible to borrow, you may contact the Financial Aid Office. Borrowers must apply for their annual loan maximum eligibility under the Federal Direct Unsubsidized loan before applying for the Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan. Please keep in mind that this is only available to master and doctorate students, licensure students are NOT eligible.

    When are Loans Credited to Your Account?

    Financial aid will be disbursed approximately two weeks after the start of each term, to allow the Financial Aid Office to adjust aid packages to reflect actual enrollment after the Add/Drop Period. This ensures the financial aid packages and credit refunds are more accurate.

    If you are borrowing a supplemental education loan from a lender that cannot forward your funds to Hamline via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), your loan funds will be mailed via paper check. Once you endorse your paper loan check at the Cashier's Office, the funds will be credited to your student account.

    Refunds of any over payment will be processed no later than 14 days after federal aid is disbursed onto your student account.

    Loan Deadline

    Loan applications must be received one week prior to the end of the term for which you are applying.

    Federal Enrollment Reporting 

     StudentAid.gov is the U.S. Department of Education' central database for Title IV (federal) student aid. Schools are required to submit enrollment as well as federal grant and loan information to the database. This information will be accessible to authorized users such as lenders and institutions of higher education. Students and parents can also access information regarding loans and/or Pell grants through this website. The site displays information on loan and/or grant amounts, outstanding balances, loan statuses, and disbursements. In order to use the StudentAid.gov website to access your loan history, you will need your FSA ID.  

    Once you sign in to StudentAid.gov, you will be brought to your Account Dashboard. This will give you general information regarding your Loan and Grant History. Click on the View Details button to find more in-depth information regarding your student loans.

    Exit Counseling and Repayment

    View your required exit counseling information and get a list of resources to help you manage and successfully repay your student loan debt.  Learn more about Exit Counseling and Repayment.

    Enrollment Status

    NOTE: Only courses required for your program count in the Financial Aid Enrollment Status.

    Undergraduate, Post baccalaureate, Online Bachelor's Degree Completion, and teaching licensure

    Half-time*: At least 6 credits per semester.
    Full-time: At least 12 credits per semester.
    State Grant: At least 15 credits per semester for full award.

    Master, Graduate Certificates, and Doctorate Programs

    Half-time*: At least 4 credits per semester.
    Full-time: At least 8 credits per semester.