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  • COVID-19 Vaccine

    Hamline University requires all students and employees to comply with the COVID-19 Vaccine Policy. Please refer to the policy for details, but briefly, this means that you have received all recommended doses in the primary series and one booster; OR a waiver form has been filed with the Benefits Office (for employees) or the COVID Response Team (for students) for a medical exemption or conscientious objection exemption to being vaccinated.

    New and Returning Students: Please see the Counseling and Health Services Immunization page for more information.
    Employees: Please see the Benefits Office webpage for more information.

    Students should report their booster status at this link.
    Faculty and staff should report their booster status at this link.

    Vaccination Resources

    Below are resources to help locate a COVID-19 vaccine:


    COVID-19 Reporting Forms

    Are you sick? Have symptoms of COVID-19? Have you had close contact with someone who has COVID-19? Complete the COVID-19 report form and the COVID-19 response team will reach out within 24 hours and help answer questions, provide guidance on next steps, and more.

    • Students can report here.
    • Faculty and staff can report here


    COVID-19 Testing

    Looking for a COVID-19 testing site? Click here.

    COVID-19 testing is available through community testing sites, local pharmacies and clinics. You can also complete the appropriate COVID report form and a member of the COVID-19 response team will reach out to help you locate a test. 


    COVID-19 Quarantine Requirements

    The latest quarantine requirements can be found at this link.

    Updated 3/16/2022