• Testimonials:
    The Post-Grad Residency + Semester Option 

    "Basically, the way I feel about a post-grad semester is that you get all the tasty parts--with the adviser you pick, working on what you want to work on--with none of the icky parts; and now you are far enough along in your education that you can take advantage of it. I feel really lucky that I could swing it this semester. I wish there were a way to make it available to more deserving writers who might not have the resources right now to pay the tuition.  Working with Laura Ruby has been such a treat. She's building on all the work that I did before with Anne Ursu and others. So there's continuity. And she's a phenomenal teacher.

    --Elizabeth Schoenfeld, 2011 

    "There were so many wonderful opportunities and so much I wanted to accomplish during my time in the program that there simply wasn't enough time. After graduating, I kept saying to myself, "I wish I had worked with this amazing instructor or that one. I wish I had studied this interesting topic or worked more on developing that skill." I particularly wanted to spend time studying and writing picture books--something I hadn't done during my residency.  

    And, of course, I'd always wanted to work with Phyllis Root. She's an amazing writer, with a unique ability to educate and inspire. During my post-graduate semester, I worked with Phyllis solely on picture books, studying form and craft.  I've completed drafts of two picture books and hope to complete two others. It's been an amazing experience, and I'm thrilled to have had the opportunity to continue my education at Hamline."

    --Amy Laughlin, 2008 

    Working together in a close and professional way, my mentor and I have dug deep. She has provided valuable feedback as if she were my agent or editor assisting me in preparing my book for publication. She has not only helped my prose progress, but also deepened my sense of confidence.  I am grateful to have had the chance to expand my MFAC experience, applying skills learned to new projects and old.

    I look forward to sending my newly honed creation out into the wild wonderful world of agents, editors and publishing, and when it hits the best seller lists, the wonderful MFAC faculty from the program as well as the post-grad experience will top my thank you list!"

    --Anne Schwab, 2012