• Forensic Psychology Concentration

    Earn a concentration in the rapidly growing area of forensic psychology. Hamline’s forensic psychology concentration—the only program of its type in Minnesota—provides a multidisciplinary approach to the study of crime, motivations for criminal behavior, and the response and use of psychology in the criminal justice and legal systems. You’ll gain foundational knowledge in criminology, psychology, and legal studies, and tie it all together with an interdisciplinary senior seminar.

    Anyone with a major in criminal justice, psychology, or legal studies is eligible to declare the concentration. Since some courses overlap with your major requirements, you can develop an in-demand skill set while still staying on track to graduate.

    Required Courses (36 credits)

    • MATH 1200 Statistics or QMBE 1310 Statistics (4 credits)
    • CJFS 1120 Crime and Justice in America (4 credits)
    • CJFS 3750 Theories of Criminal Behavior (4 credits)
    • LGST 1110 Legal Systems in American Society (4 credits)
    • LGST 3980 Courts and Testimony (4 credits)
    • PSY 1330 General Psychology (4 credits)
    • PSY 1480 Abnormal Psychology (4 credits)
    • PSY 3800 Social Psychology (4 credits)
    • CJFS 5670 Forensic Psychology (new course spring 2021, 4 credits)


    "There's a lot that you can do in the criminal justice system by figuring out why people do what they do, and how to change that."

    Jillian Peterson, assistant professor of criminology and criminal justice