• English Major - Creative Writing Concentration (BA)

    The English major with a concentration in creative writing requires 12 courses through which students integrate a broad foundation in critical analysis, literary study, and theoretical practice with focused training in the craft of creative writing.

    Students interested in an English major with a concentration in creative writing are encouraged to take  introductory courses (ENG 1200 - Introduction to English Studies, ENG 1800 - Introduction to Professional Writing and Rhetoric) in their first year and to declare a major as sophomores.

    In conjunction with declaring an English major with a concentration in creative writing, students must take WRIT 1500 - Introduction to Creative Writing and a sequence of "gateway" courses in critical methods and contemporary theory, ENG 1900- Introduction to Literature and Criticism and ENG 3020 - Literary and Cultural Theory. Juniors and seniors should take 3000-level courses, at least three of which must be literature or theory courses numbered above 3020.

    A senior seminar is the capstone course in which students study a topic in depth and develop independent research projects. ENG 3020 and the senior seminar must be taken at Hamline. ENG 1900 and ENG 3020 must be taken at least one semester before the senior seminar and are strongly recommended before taking 3000-level literature courses numbered above 3020.


    Major Requirements

    The English Major with Concentration in Creative Writing requires 12 courses, including:

    Two introductory inquiries

    Choose any two introductory inquiries. This could include two ENG 1200 offerings (with different topics) or one ENG 1200 and ENG 1800.

    Three gateway courses

    Three advanced-level literature courses

    Choose three from the following:

    Two advanced-level creative writing courses

    Choose two from the following:

    • (Note: Some WRIT courses have prerequisites that require them to be taken in sequence.)
    • WRIT 3xxx - other topics courses in creative writing

    One additional 3000-level elective

    This elective may be chosen from:

    • Literature courses from the list above
    • WRIT courses at the 3000-level
    • ACTC equivalent courses

    Capstone course