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Student Media and Publications

Student-led Newspaper, Magazine, Literary Journals, and Student Organizations

Student media at Hamline University allows students to express their views on matters of concern and interest. Both as a whole and as individual organizations, student media is governed by and for Hamline students.

The editorial leadership of each student media organization is free to develop its own editorial policies and to provide news and entertainment coverage at its discretion. All student media is free from advance approval of copy and censorship by Hamline University. Student media organization editors and/or managers may not be removed from their positions arbitrarily because of a student, university employee, or public disapproval of editorial policy or content.

EditoriaI freedom remains responsible to the canon of ethical journalism, which includes seeking accuracy, honesty, and fairness while avoiding libel, undocumented allegations, and harassment (see Society of ProfessionaI Journalists' Code of Ethics).


Student media and publications

The Oracle

The Oracle is Minnesota’s oldest independent student-published newspaper. First published in 1888, it began as a monthly collection of letters and has since evolved into a modern weekly college newspaper. It covers news, trends, events, and entertainment relevant to Hamline undergraduate students and strives to accurately reflect the diverse communities that comprise the student population.




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The Fulcrum Journal

Fulcrum Journal

Established in 1995 to represent the balance between literary and visual art on campus, the Fulcrum Journal is Hamline’s annual literature and arts magazine, student-led by Hamline artists. The journal's goal is to function as an axis for the Hamline student body's artistic community. It showcases the diverse voices of Hamline undergraduates by providing the opportunity to express their opinions, feelings, and thoughts.

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Untold Magazine

Untold Magazine is Hamline’s bi-annual student-run lifestyle magazine that tackles the strange, the quirky, the serious, and the overlooked stories of Hamline. Originally known as Pipers In Depth (2015-2017) before rebranding as Canvas Magazine (2017-2019), today's Untold Magazine (2019-present) emphasizes the unique and diverse communities within and beyond campus.

Every fall and spring semester, students produce, publish, and print an issue that embraces a mix of mediums: investigative journalism, profiles, creative nonfiction, poetry, photography, and more. In addition to archives of past issues, Untold publishes audio and video pieces online at


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Runestone is Hamline’s award-winning, national, online literary journal that publishes undergraduate poetry, short fiction, and essays. The selection of work, production, and promotion of the journal are part of a semester-long course that provides mentorship for Hamline student editors. The course allows those students to publish book reviews and blog posts alongside the creative work of other undergraduate writers in an online platform.

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Zinesters Local 55104

Zinesters Local 55104 is Hamline’s premier collective of zine artisans. The collective provides students with opportunities to learn how to publish their art and writing using DIY methods.

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Student Media Board

The Student Media Board (SMB) oversees and supports all approved Hamline student media organizations: Fulcrum Journal, the Oracle, Runestone, and Untold Magazine. SMB operates independently of university administration, staff, faculty, student congress, and student body to ensure editorial independence and that each media organization's First Amendment rights are upheld.

Additionally, SMB performs the following duties:

  • Offers feedback to student media organizations on performance, accountability, and purpose 
  • Provides a forum for comments and concerns about student media from the student body at large 
  • Advocates for student media across all constituencies of the campus community  
  • Approves annual budgets for student media organizations in accordance with university­-levied undergraduate student fees and independently from the Hamline University Student Congress (HUSC) approval process.

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