• Chemistry Research Opportunities

    On Campus

    Each summer, 10-15 Hamline students participate in the chemistry summer research program at Hamline University. Academic year opportunities are also available. Contact a faculty member if you are interested in pursuing on-campus research. 

    Department of Chemistry Research Application

    Off Campus

    Additional opportunities are available at a variety of major research institutions across the country. These programs allow students to experience science beyond Hamline University. We highly recommend an off-campus research experience to students between the junior and senior year, particularly if there is an interest in attending graduate school.

    Research Experience for Undergraduates: Funded by the National Science Foundation, the REU program provides opportunities for research at educational institutions across the country.

    U.S. Department of Energy: Positions in national laboratories across the country. There is also a program for students interested in a teaching career.

    NASA Undergraduate Research Program: Opportunities at participating NASA centers and support facilities. 

    Langley Aerospace Research Summer Scholars: Opportunities at the NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, VA.

    National Institutes of Health: Summer internship program in biomedical research. Over twenty participating Institutes nationwide.

    Scientific Companies: Many companies, both local and national, offer summer internships. An excellent opportunity to experience industrial research and development.

    The above list is by no means exhaustive. Position announcements mailed to the Chemistry Department can be found on the bulletin boards on the east side of the 2nd floor of Robbins Science. Other opportunities may be identified by those students possessing patience, curiosity, and an internet connection. Ask around! 

    Departmental Honors


    Ann Engebretson
    Forensic Lipstick Analysis Using Gas Chromatography Pattern Recognition


    Patricia Sanft
    Thermal Analysis of Recalled Firestone Tires


    Emily Decker
    Design of a Pressurized Spectroelectrochemical Cell


    Sarah Johannessen
    Supramolecular Self-Assembly of CpCoCb-derived Cage Complexes

    Calley Kennedy
    Purification of a Recombinant Electron Transfer Protein-Rubredoxin

    Allyson Rogan
    The Effect of Substituents on the Electrochemical Properties of End-capped Thiophene Oligomers

    Jennifer Tibodeau
    Electronic Properties of Ferrocene-Capped Oligothiophene