• Chemistry Major (BA or BS)

    Nearly all courses in chemistry are sequential and have prerequisites. Careful planning is necessary if students are to take full advantage of other options available to them at a liberal arts college. A decision to major in chemistry should be made as early as possible. A student wishing to major in chemistry should consult with one or more of the chemistry faculty.

    Chemistry students may choose to complete a Bachelor of Science (BS) or a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Chemistry. Both of these degrees can satisfy the American Chemical Society (ACS) certification standards.

    For students wishing to attend graduate school in interdisciplinary programs or professional school, establish a double major, complete forensic science certification, obtain a secondary teaching license, or study abroad, the following courses constitute the minimum requirement for the BA degree. American Chemical Society certification may be obtained by completing CHEM 5960 - Capstone Seminar in addition to the upper division electives.


    Major Requirements

    Gateway courses:

    Students must complete either General Chemistry I and II or Advanced General Chemistry.

    Foundation courses:

    One of the following:

    Mathematics (2 courses):

    One additional math or statistics course, numbered 3000 or above, is highly recommended.

    Physics (2 courses):

    Choose a Physics I & II series.

    Upper division electives-12 credits chosen from the following:

    Physics, Biology, or Biochemistry courses numbered 3000 or higher may be substituted with approval of the department chair.

    • (must be taken in the same semester as CHEM 3940)
    • (must be taken in the same semester as CHEM 3330)
    • (must be taken in the same semester as or after completing CHEM 3560)
    • CHEM 3965 - Intermediate Research
    • CHEM 4010 - Collaborative Research (summer)
    • CHEM 5965 - Advanced Research
    • (may be repeated with different topics)

    Seminar experience:

    • (three semesters)

    And one of the following:

    • (for students not seeking ACS certification)
    • (for students seeking ACS certification)