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    Career & Postgraduate Opportunities

    Anthropology serves as an excellent basis for any career where one encounters people from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Integrative understanding and cultural sensitivity are useful tools for lawyers, teachers, health professionals, planners, public servants, and business people. Many majors go on to graduate or professional training in anthropology or related fields. There are other opportunities as well.

    Anthropologists are now employed by government agencies, research corporations, Indian tribal governments, and health care facilities. Field work is carried out in such organizations as school systems, citywide health systems, agricultural development programs, and multicommunity rural regions. Another significant trend is for anthropologists to work closely with community people, ethnic organizations, neighborhood health clinics, migrant labor organizations, women's groups, and other special interest groups, whose activities require up-to-date quantitative and descriptive data.

    Careers for Anthropology Students

    Recent graduates have found successful careers at:

    • Eshell Brokerage
    • Faegre & Benson (law firm)
    • General Mills
    • Great Lakes Archaeological Research Center
    • Minnesota Food Association
    • The Ozark Folk Center
    • The Peace Corps
    • The Science Museum of Minnesota
    • The Smithsonian Institution
    • Teach for America
    • Hamline University

    Graduate School

    A Hamline education in anthropology has served a number of majors very well. Many of our students have gone on to graduate training at the Masters and Ph.D. levels. Here are some of the schools they have attended:

    • American University
    • Bournemouth University (UK)
    • Louisiana State
    • Medical College of Wisconsin
    • Michigan State University
    • State University of New York-Albany 
    • Texas A&M
    • Tulane University
    • University of Arizona
    • University of Chicago
    • University of Colorado-Boulder
    • University of Denver
    • University of Florida
    • University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
    • University of Nebraska
    • University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
    • University of Tennessee 
    • University of Washington
    • University of Wisconsin
    • Vanderbilt
    • Washington State University
    • Western Michigan University


    Anthropology students have many opportunities to work in the field during the semester for credit. Internships are a wonderful way to see where your anthropology degree will get you once you graduate. They are also a good opportunity to fulfill Hamline’s LEAD requirement. 

    Recent internships completed by Anthropology students include:

    • A Working Knowledge 
    • Archaeological Intern
    • BCA Intern (Gang Strike Force) 
    • Corrections Officer 
    • Eden Prairie Environmental Intern 
    • Forensic Anthropology Internship 
    • Hmong Nationality Archives Intern 
    • Intern/Volunteer Medicolegal Death Investigation 
    • Minnesota Historical Society Intern 
    • Museum Preservation 
    • Probation Officer 
    • Product Manager Assistant 
    • Science Museum of Minnesota Intern 
    • Volunteer Research Assistant 
  • Career Development Center

    Learn more about career paths, transferable skills, and relevant organizations that relate to a major in Anthropology.

    Download a career information sheet for your major from the Career Development Center. You may also contact the Career Development Center at 651-523-2302 or workshop@hamline.edu for more information.