Eva Larson Hamline Student smiling to the picture

Meet Eva Larson '22

This anthropology student connects her research with the Hamline community

When Eva Larson '22 started her Hamline career, she had no idea she'd be digging a giant pit in a campus lawn as part of a research project.

The hole, nearly 200 square feet, was part of a summer research project with the anthropology department. Larson and her fellow anthropology majors were excavating the site of a farmhouse from the 1880's, which conveniently sat on the northeast corner of Hamline's campus.

Minnesota Public Radio and the Pioneer Press visited the excavation and wrote about the students' research. The experience of sharing her research with her community was amazing, she said.

Eva Larson Hamline Student smilling to the picture

A lot of the time we're working with our close-knit group of peers and faculty, and we don't really get to share those ins and outs and what goes on behind the scenes with people, especially with field work, where the dirt is flying. It was really cool to invite the public to see this huge project.

Eva Larson '22, anthropology and criminology & criminal justice; archaeologist

Larson's experiences learning in the field have been a core part of building her confidence and preparedness for life after college.

"Gaining those skills—especially in a lab or in the field—and getting experience working on various projects and learning how to be adaptable, flexible, how to problem solve, and think critically, are invaluable," Larson said. 

Plus, she added, "it was a fun way to end the summer."


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