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Information Technology Services

Find quick access to information regarding technology services you can use while on campus.

Requesting a guest account

If you are a guest on campus and do not have a Hamline user account, you can obtain a guest login from the Central Service Desk at 651-523-2220 or

Obtaining your Hamline ID

Hamline identification cards are required for all students and employees. ID cards may be obtained at the Hamline Public Safety Office. The ID card includes your Hamline ID Number and Library Code. For more information on obtaining your Hamline ID, visit the guide to getting a Hamline identification card (

Your Hamline username and passphrase

Your Hamline Username is the account you use to access technology resources at Hamline, including Canvas, your Google email account, the local network, the wireless network, File Access, or any computer on campus (computer labs, classrooms, or private offices). 

Your Hamline username and Initial passphrase are sent in separate emails when you begin with Hamline.

For more information on getting started with your Hamline user name and passphrase, visit the guide to getting a Hamline username and passphrase ( To change your Hamline passphrase, visit Hamline's secure ID manager. Please note that changing this passphrase will affect all the systems at once.

Your Hamline email

Hamline University provides Google email account, powered by the full Google Apps Education Suite.

Staff and faculty as well as admitted licensure and degree seeking students are provided with an email address in the format of

For more information on your Hamline email, visit guide to your Hamline email (


Workday is the system utilized for Academic Records, Human Resources, Payroll and Finance. In Workday you can register for classes, find your class schedule, request transcripts, among others.

Workday is a highly secure system which uses two-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized logins. Here is information on how to sign into Workday using two-factor authentication (

Canvas Learning Management System

Courses at Hamline University use Canvas as the sole learning management system.  

VDI Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure ( is your way to remotely access the Hamline network and Microsoft office software.

Log into Hamline's Virtual Desktop Infrastructure ( with your username and passphrase to access your virtual desktop anywhere.

Bush Library

Bush Library offers free access to numerous information resources including diverse article databases. Accessing library databases from off-campus requires you to enter your Hamline username and passphrase. See our guide to troubleshooting off-campus library access (, and for more information on finding reliable scholarly resources including accessing the Library databases, contact a Hamline librarian.

Residence hall network

Students living in Hamline's residence halls have different technology services available, including access to Hamline wireless network, cable TV and  telephone jack. In addition, the university also has a student-staffed technology position responsible for serving as a liaison between ITS and residents. For more information on using technology in the residence hall, visit our residence hall network guide (

Please check our hardware requirements and recommendations ( and connections and use policy (Google Doc). If you need additional help, contact the Central Service Desk at 651-523-2220 or email

Computer labs on campus

More than 150 computers are available across the Saint Paul campus. Open computer labs are available in Bush Library

Printing on campus

Printing and copying equipment is available at the Saint Paul campus. See Hamline campus printing locations on Google Maps. Printing and copying is also available at the Minneapolis campus.

To print and copy, you only need to scan your Hamline ID card or log in to the printer using your Hamline username and passphrase. All printing is sent to your personal queue (SecurePrint), allowing you to release your job at any printer on campus. These printers also allow users to scan and fax.

If you are a guest on campus and need to print, you will need to obtain a guest account from the Central Service Desk at 651-523-2220 or

Campus wireless

All Hamline University buildings that directly affect students, teaching, and learning are served by secure wireless connectivity.

You will need to use your Hamline Username and Passphrase to connect to the Wireless. Here are basic instructions on how to connect to Hamline's Wi-Fi. For more information, visit the Wi-Fi self-help resources Google Site.

For more information on all Hamline library and technology resources, please visit the Hamline Service Portal Knowledge Base (

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