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Hamline username and password

Your Hamline username and password affect most of your accounts at Hamline (Hamline Google email, Workday, Canvas, computers labs, library tools, wireless access, etc.).

New to Hamline? New students and employees receive a username and initial password in separate emails when admitted or hired by Hamline University.

Change your Hamline password

Be aware that changing your Hamline password will affect most systems at Hamline (Hamline Google email, Workday, Canvas, computers labs, library tools, wireless access, network access, etc.)

Password guidelines

  • Your Hamline password must be at least 8 characters long, including at least one uppercase, one lowercase, and one number.
  • Your password is case sensitive.
  • Unless not accommodated by an application, use of special characters (e.g., "-", "!", "#") is encouraged to make a password stronger (i.e., more secure).
  • Your Hamline password must be changed at least once per year.
  • Once your password has expired, your account will be disabled until you reset your password with the CSD. You will receive warnings at two weeks, three days, and one day to change your password. Please change your password before it expires.
  • Your password must be unique to the last 10 passwords used.

User guides available

Hamline Google email

Students, staff, and faculty have Hamline Google email addresses in the format of Log into your Hamline Google email at with your Hamline username and password (above). Please note when using the regular Gmail login page (, you must use your full Hamline Google email address ( and your Hamline password to login.

New to Hamline? Google email accounts are created for degree seeking students upon registration. Non-degree seeking students are not assigned a Hamline email account. Staff and faculty receive their Hamline email when hired.

User guides

  • For help using your Hamline Google email and other Google Apps, please visit the ITS services page.
  • Hamline requires all Gmail users to activate two-step verification for their accounts. For more information and to set up two-step verification, please visit Google's support page.

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