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Student organizations

We advise ten student organizations. They are open to all Hamline University students. However, each organization focuses on supporting a specific multicultural community.

Multicultural Alliance

The Multicultural Alliance is a coalition of leaders and members of students of color and international student organizations. The Alliance provides opportunities for members to network, collaborate, share information and resources, and serve as advocates for each other. The Alliance is chaired by the multicultural alliance coordinator, a student employed in the Hedgeman Center. In addition to the student organizations listed below, the Global Students Society and Spectrum (the queer student organization) are also members of the Multicultural Alliance.

Asian Pacific American Coalition

The Asian Pacific American Coalition (APAC) strives to provide a support group for Asian-American students as well as to provide education about Asian cultures through programs and guest speakers. APAC's main events are Asian Heritage Month, Asian Dance Festival and Chinese New Year Celebration. Although the main focus of this organization is on Asian-American issues, everyone is welcome into APAC's diverse membership.

Black Student Collective

Since 1969, the Black Student Collective (BSC) has been a student organization that serves as a support system for student members as well as an educational tool for the campus and community. Although membership is diverse, BSC's main focus is on African-American issues. Each year, BSC sponsors activities and speakers to raise awareness about and celebrate the rich cultural experiences of people of African descent.

Ethiopian and Eritrean Student Union

Ethiopian and Eritrean Student Union (EESU) is the newest cultural student organization at Hamline University. The purpose of our organization is to connect and strengthen individuals within our united Ethiopian and Eritrean community here at Hamline while working with other local colleges and university and other community organizations. By creating events and promoting academic discussions about topics such as identity, economic and social development our organization will celebrate our many diverse identities by working towards a united front. 

FUSION: Multiracial and Transracial Adoptee Student Association

FUSION was established to create a network and offer support for multicultural students. FUSION strives to educate and raise awareness about the political, cultural and racial issues that effect or impact multiracial students. FUSION strives to become a resource for all students as well as provide a space to examine issues of race, identity and community.

Hamline Indigenous People's Society

The Hamline Indigenous Peoples Society (HIPS) provides students of Native American descent with an organization that helps them connect with their heritage while empowering them. Through events and activities, HIPS also educates the larger Hamline University community about Native American issues, whether cultural or political.

Hamline Unidos

The goal of Hamline Unidos is to provide culturally enriching experiences for members and the campus community while establishing professional networks with community organizations and corporate Hispanic groups. Each year, Hamline Unidos sponsors Hispanic Heritage Month, Cinco de Mayo, and numerous trips to off-campus events.

Hamline African Student Association

The Hamline African Student Association (HASA) is committed to nourishing cultural, intellectual, political and economic awareness of the African continent. They seek to create a forum where Africans and others can come together and openly discuss issues concerning African and Africans while educating the university and community at large about Africa and its rich cultures and values.

Hmong Student Association

The Hmong Student Association (HSA) is an extension of APAC. Hmong students wish to share their culture with other students and the campus community through dialogue, events, and activities. Also active in planning Asian Heritage Month, HSA's biggest event is the Hmong New Year Celebration.

For more information on these organizations, please contact the Hedgeman Center for Student Diversity Initiatives and Programs at 651-523-2423 or hedgemancenter@hamline.edu.

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