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A Call for Compassion and Justice

The officer-involved killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis serves as yet another example of the significance of human recognition, relation, and respect. Though unfortunate, it is not uncommon; though unacceptable, not unavoidable. Is it truly that difficult to see the humanity in everyone? The myth of a “post-racial” society has created a dynamic where overt racism of dehumanization has been “repackaged” to the point that it gives testimony to the true nature, power and purpose of racism in general—divisiveness. As long as divisiveness exists, some in our community remain disconnected from certain realities and others subjected to them. This observation might be difficult to comprehend, but how else can we explain an “either/or” construct that posits the acknowledgement and significance of humanity against the expectations and accountability of duty? We are confronting a different strain with the same result—silos, walls, and fences of separation.

As a community, we offer heartfelt condolences to the family of George Floyd. We ask for support and compassion to all searching for answers and justice. We further ask for support for victims and their families, along with the mindfulness and intentionality to continue the discourse to bridge gulfs of separation. And last, we commit to take the lead in creating a respectful, healthy, and harmonious community.

Be mindful, be healthy, and be safe.

Written by David Everett, Ph.D.

Hamline University Associate Vice President of Inclusive Excellence

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