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Professor Bridget Jacques-Fricke and Kendra Yoder '22 Published

Neuroscience Professor Bridget Jacques-Fricke, Kendra Yoder '22, and collaborators at the University of Minnesota recently published an article, "Profiling NSD3-dependent neural crest gene expression reveals known and novel candidate regulatory factors" in the journal Developmental Biology.

This work identifies and describes a collection of genes that serve as novel putative regulators of neural crest development. Neural crest cells are a stem-cell like population of cells that contribute to diverse structures in vertebrate embryos, including the craniofacial skeleton and peripheral nervous system.

This list of candidate genes will serve as the basis for future research in the Jacques-Fricke lab. Kendra Yoder's bioinformatics research performed as part of the Summer Collaborative Undergraduate Research program is included in the article.

The publisher has granted free access to the article until May - click here.