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Reminder: Download and Use CampusClear

Health sciences research has shown that daily health screening can have a meaningful impact on reducing the spread of COVID-19. In line with that research, and recommendations from the CDC and MN Department of Health, Hamline University is implementing the use of the #CampusClear health screening app for all students faculty and staff, effective immediately.

The #CampusClear app is available in both google play and apple app stores.

Registering for #CampusClear

Download the #CampusClear App, at the “Welcome to” screen select “next”.

Select employee or student.

Enter your hamline.edu email address ONLY (this is how the app associates you to the correct school).

#CampusClear will send you an email with a link to verify your address. Click on the link and the app will automatically open.

Using the #CampusClear App

Each day the app will reset, to allow you to perform self-screening for that particular day. You will also receive a text message reminding you to complete the app for that day.

Open the app.

You will be asked to answer the question “How are you feeling?”

Scroll through the presented options and select all that apply, and click on “See Results”.

Faculty and Staff who see “Not Cleared for Campus” should stay home, contact their supervisor and seek guidance from their medical provider. Questions concerning benefits and accommodations can be addressed by contacting the benefits office or completing the COVID Inquiry Medical Request Form located here.

Students who see “Not Cleared for Campus” should stay home or in their res-hall room, complete the student reporting form located here and contact student health services at 651-523-2204.

Do not log out of the app. Each morning the survey screen will reset for that day and allow you to conduct the screening. If you log out, simply re-enter your .edu email address when prompted, go to your email to click on the provided link, and then return to the app.

After-hours students on campus who are not feeling well should contact Hamline Public Safety at 651-523-2100 for assistance.

Faculty and staff who begin to not feel well while on campus may also contact Hamline Public Safety for assistance.

Questions may be directed to Melinda Heikkinen, Director of Public Safety at mheikkinen01@hamline.edu