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Marketing Projects Timeline Shifts

Due to evolving university priorities and personnel changes, the work of the MarComm team is shifting. During this time of change, please note the following updates to the lead time and requirements for Marketing project submissions.

Print and design projects:
The current turnaround time for print projects and projects needing graphic design support is 4-5 weeks with additional time for printing and delivery. Completion dates for projects are subject to the overall project volume and may require prioritization by the President's Staff level leader or dean of the area.
Example - Projects submitted and approved to move forward by 7/27, will be completed 8/24-31*.

Website projects:
The current turnaround time for website projects is 2-4 weeks. This includes any type of web page edits.
Example - Web projects submitted and approved to move forward by 7/27 will be live 8/10-8/24*.

Faculty and staff bios:
Faculty and staff web pages/biographies will be updated once per month. Requests received by the 15th of the month will be updated by the 15th of the following month. 

Example - Biography submissions by 7/15 will be live by 8/15*.

Image/University Logo requests:
The current turnaround time for these requests is 1 week.
This is for existing assets only. Requests to create new assets should be as Print and Design projects.

Photography and Videography:
Photos for faculty and staff bios/webpages will be self-service. Please follow the guidelines below when selecting a photo for your staff profile:
  Photos must be horizontal
  Subjects should be shown from the shoulders up
  The photo should be taken by someone other than the subject
  Submit your photo with your project request

Other Photography

The MarComm team can accommodate select photography or videography projects that support institutional priorities. Please contact your President Staff level leader with these requests and they can connect with Lynn Farmer to evaluate the institutional need. We will also be happy to supply you with referrals for external contractors.

*All projects:
Projects will not start until all required items have been received. If items required for a project are received later than expected, this will result in a later project start date with a corresponding extension of the project timeline or rescheduling of the project.

Contact the MarComm Team with questions!

Marketing & Web Page Project Request Form
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