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Spotlight: Taylor Anderson


Taylor Anderson recently completed Hamline’s Administrative Licensure program—an advanced degree which allows recipients to pursue leadership roles within school districts, such as superintendent, principal, or program director positions.

Anderson began her education at Hamline in 2017, initially pursuing a Director of Special Education License. Her degree lead her to work for the St. Paul Public School District as a Special Education Coach. After working in her field for some time, she decided to come back and obtain her Administrative Licensure.

Once again, Hamline seemed like the right choice. The School of Education is well known in her school district; in fact, many of Anderson’s colleagues came to Hamline to get their own Administrative Licenses.

Her transition back into the School of Education went smoothly with the help of her adviser, Kim Hartung, and the support of her professors and peers.

“My experience here has been outstanding,” said Anderson. “I really like the small class sizes. It feels kind of like a family. Hamline has prepared me very well for a future leadership position.”

Anderson is hopeful that this additional licensure will open more doors for her career. She plans to apply for her Doctorate of Education at Hamline in the near future.