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MFA Alum Publishes Debut Poetry Collection

 Shadowrise, the debut poetry collection by MFA alum Mary Harpin is out now from publisher Dos Madres Press.

 Praise for Shadowrise:

From the publisher: The poems in Shadowrise articulate complicated, modern contradictions with remarkable detail, scope and form, like the joy of a new baby against the horror of a mass shooting close to home. To spend time with this book is to accept an invitation to engage with the often raw truth of our daily lives, and unexpected moments of peace in a time of increasing uncertainty.

Shadowrise, the first collection by the hugely talented Mary Harpin, surprises, delights, compels our attention.  I love the confidence the poet shows in this book, the bold choices in arrangement, content, form, and tone. You will notice what I noticed:  each page you turn leads to another poem with a title that makes you lean towards that page, to see what this poet has conjured from the cosmos, from landscapes, from daily life, from love and fear and, most importantly, from paying attention to what fate and choice have taken away, and given.  This book shines with intelligence and a particular kind of wisdom. Read it, read it again, wait with patience, or impatience, for her next book. —Deborah Keenan

In Shadowrise, Mary Harpin poses cosmic questions in intimate terms, starting with the Matador and the Incarnation(s): literally, the killer and the flesh. The questions are huge, not distant, but rather as intimate as that warm drizzle of garlic butter down your beloved’s chin. Not all is domestic bliss, however: we meet the sister returning to her husband whose gravity pulls her in like a black hole. The good with the bad, yes, but always, we encounter the sensuous in this glissando of spacetime where she invites us into the small universe of the woodpecker nest as her joyous focus shifts from the orange and purple mountain. Her intellectual delight informs these poems from galaxy to nest. And her answer to the cosmic question is always yes. —Robin Scofield

Harpin graduated from Hamline University's MFA program in 2008, and has published work in Terrain, Crab Creek Review, Tinderbox, and more. She currently lives in Denver, CO with her family, where she is also a content strategist for Fortune 500 companies.

You can purchase Shadowrise and other selections from Dos Madres HERE