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Hamline Offers Personal Training Certificate Class


Hamline’s personal training certification class is helping students to become smarter in the classroom and in the gym too.

Through the special topics class, Advanced Principles of Strength Training, Conditioning, and Personal Training, students are able to earn their certificate in personal training and then get paid to work on campus by instructing students, faculty, and staff through Hamline’s new recreational fitness program. This program allows fellow students, faculty and staff to take personal training and group exercise classes from certified students free of charge.

Junior Maren Krugler is one of Hamline’s personal trainers on campus this year and took the first personal training class offered at Hamline during J-term last year. Now, she teaches many of the group exercise classes including, Butts and Guts, Total Body Toning, Intro to Strength Training for Women, and Flexibility Flow.

“I love my job. It is so much fun to see people make improvements in their lives and help people reach their goals,” said Kurgler.

Krugler added that without Hamline, getting her certificate would have been difficult.

“I had considered getting my certification before I began college but it seemed difficult to learn so much new material by textbook only and without anyone to explain the concepts. Both of the certification courses that I took at Hamline were amazing because they allow students to have actual conversations surrounding important issues in the exercise/fitness domain,” said Krugler “I felt very prepared going into my first job as a personal trainer and I don't think I would have had the same experience anywhere else.”

In addition to the certificate they receive at the end of the class, students can also use this class as a prep course to go on and get certified as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

This is the second year that students have been able to get certified in personal training through a mix of lectures and hands-on learning in the gym. Normal personal training certificate classes span across two days, but through this class students get a much more in-depth look into the science behind the exercise.

“In this class we are going above and beyond just putting someone on a treadmill, but why we do what we do, and how you do it safely,” said Assistant Professor of Exercise Science Jenn Robb.

At least one day a week is spent in the gym working on important exercise skills such as spotting techniques, warm-up programs, and how to specialize exercise for people with asthma or cardiovascular problems.

“I enjoy the lab portions of the class the most right now because you are learning and seeing how to apply concepts and that is how I learn best,” said senior Jessie Juenemann.

Getting a certification is an important resume booster and it helps students build skills that they can take into their career down the road, even if it is not in this field.

“I think a lot of people just look at personal training as just exercise, but on a resume their students are gaining one-on-one communication skills, professional planning skills, and it sets them up to help build their confidence even if they aren’t going into exercise science of personal training,” said Robb.

Most colleges offer similar classes on the weekends but the price of the certification falls on students, but Hamline is one of the few institutions that offer it as a class and make it possible for financial aid to be applied to the certification fee. Therefore, students are saving time and money while also gaining more knowledge.

In the future, the class will be offered more regularly throughout the school and be open to students from all different disciplines.

To learn more about Hamline Fitness program visit their website here


Written by Emma Larson