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HUSC’s New Year and New Ideas

The Hamline Undergraduate Student Congress, known as HUSC, is the student government body of undergraduate students. Consisting of approximately 40 student members and advisors Patti Klein and Patrick Haught, HUSC serves to actively create campus accessibility, support student organization funds, and be the voice of Hamline students to the administration.

HUSC is constantly reaching out to students, faculty, and staff, not only to ensure important conversations keep flowing but that things get done as a result of those conversations. In the past, two student representatives pitched a capital improvement plan for commuter students who reached out to the organization. The commuter lounge is now fully furnished thanks to the $10,000 allocation from the HUSC budget.

Along with their standard work, this year's HUSC board wants to do more to increase board transparency and student engagement.

“So much of what HUSC does is unknown and the processes behind our actions are hidden,” student body president Andrew P. Weston shared.

Accordingly, there are plans to clean up HUSC’s constitution and bylaws as well as publicizing the body’s action to ensure students are fully informed.

Student body Vice President Dieu Do shared that the board has plans for better communication between HUSC and students in order to better understand their needs and concerns. Plans include ‘sexier’ tabeling: “In the past, our monthly tabeling events weren’t as engaging and we didn’t have a metric for recording students' concerns and thoughts.”

Do also stated with all the new events and ideas, HUSC will make for a trial-and-error approach to administration this year.

“We’ll find what works, what doesn’t, and make note of it,” Do said.

Not only is the board working towards greater engagement on a campus level, it’s also engaging the broader Hamline-Midway community.

HUSC holds general assemblies that meet during convo hours on Tuesdays in West Hall 240 (also known as CJL). In the past, guest speakers have spoken at these assembles as active members of the Hamline community and there is now a push for active members of Hamline-Midway to join the group. According to Do, these guest speakers will be the “movers and shakers” of the community, giving the opportunity to Hamline students to engage, collaborate, and forge connections with leaders. County commissioner Trista MatasCastillo will be a speaker at the general assembly in October.

“We as students are contributing to the city and county more than we think,” Do explained. “There are student renters who influence the city’s economy and so on. I want to give students the opportunity to engage in their local sphere.”

Be assured there is no requirement for government knowledge in order to be an active participant of HUSC and the neighboring community.

“Every student is a part of HUSC and has a voice that is welcomed,” Weston said. “I’m excited to hear what everyone has to share.”

September 9, 2019
Written by Malenie Ven