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MFAC Faculty Anne Ursu Publishes New Novel

Anne Ursu and her new book The Lost Girl

The Lost Girl, by Anne Ursu

Published by Walden Pond Press

Illustrated by Erin McGuire

February 12, 2019

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About the Book

MFAC faculty member Anne Ursu’s latest novel shows the world just what girls are made of by telling the story of twin sisters thrust into a world of changes.

The Lost Girl follows identical twin Iris as she must deal with the world alone, no longer right by her sister Lark’s side for the first time in her life. But being separated from her sister isn’t the only strange thing happening in their city. Things are disappearing and the lines between real and fantasy are beginning to blur. Because of this, Iris takes it upon herself to do whatever it takes to protect her twin and keep her safe.

National Book Award nominee, Anne Ursu’s latest book is a true testament to girlhood and sisterhood, fantasy and love, that is sure to keep readers enthralled.

Praise for The Lost Girl

“As intriguing as it is eerie, this imaginative tale by Ursu (The Real Boy) is told from the point of view of the crow, who observes Iris’s actions and emotions as she faces life and peril, for the first time without her sister. This suspenseful mystery offers a story of empowerment, showing how one girl with the help of others can triumph.”

-Publisher’s Weekly, starred review

“National Book Award nominee Ursu laces her story with fairy-tale elements and real-life monsters, while taking great care to cast girls in an empowering light and as authors (and heroes) of their own stories. It is a layered, mysterious tale that will speak to many and brushes the world with magic.”

-Booklist, starred review

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