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MFA Alumna Rosemary Ann Davis featured

Rosemary Ann Davis

Mary Ann Grossman’s review highlights Davis’ latest book Before They Left Us, published in September 2018 by Old Road Publishing.


“In many ways, San Francisco was a small town, only eight miles wide. We young people felt like we owned the city and there were certain things in which we had faith — our leaders, for one,” Davis said. “These murders took away our confidence and hopefulness. We became grown-ups overnight. ”

The haunting stories in the memoir Before They Left Us capture the last crazy days of disco and move us into the onset of AIDS,” Grossman wrote. “Rosemary Davis illustrates the life stories of one a generation soon to be lost and describes her journey into a community that helped her blossom as a friend, sister, artist, activist and witness.

For more information on Davis, visit her website www.rosemaryanndavis.com
Her book is available for purchase here.