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Global Families Needed for Spring 2019

The Global Engagement Center would like to invite Hamline faculty and staff interested in joining our Global Families Program for Spring 2019 to complete an online application to participate. We have had a few incoming international students already apply, and we would like to find enough families to match all of these new students so they can enjoy the program! (If you already completed an application for Fall 2018, there is no need to re-apply -- please just send Erin Tamaki (etamaki01@hamline.edu) an email expressing your interest to continue).

Hamline faculty and staff who would like to participate must complete the Global Families Application and Agreement Forms 2018-2019.

Below is a brief overview of the Global Families Program:
The Global Families Program was created to: 1) provide international students with an opportunity to learn about family life and culture in the U.S.; and 2) to offer international students a chance to build relationships with a family who might serve as an extra resource and support while students are studying at Hamline. Families that participate in this program have the chance to experience rich new cultures, make new friends, and play a supportive role in the international student's life. International students and their families may connect and share their respective cultures through activities such as home cooked meals, going on excursions during days off, and celebrating holidays together. The Global Families Program requires participants to have regular contact with each other (~once a month). Aside from these guidelines, the level of commitment is dependent on both the international student and Global Family.

For additional information, or if you have questions about the program, please email Erin Tamaki at etamaki01@hamline.edu for more details.

GEC will accept applications on a rolling basis. Family and student matches will take place around the beginning of Spring Semester, and families may be asked to attend a meeting/informational sessions about the program in order to participate.