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CEUT Awards Scholarships to Aspiring Teachers

Hamline University’s Center for Excellence in Urban Teaching (CEUT) recently awarded 22 new scholarships to undergraduates who aspire to teach and who identify as a Person of Color or American Indian. On November 27 in West Hall, a number of the scholarship recipients gathered to celebrate with faculty and staff associated with CEUT. During the event students reflected on their motivations for becoming teachers.

Talking about understanding the importance of teaching as a Person of Color, Jada Steward said, “Teaching matters because it it the basis of everything we do in life. I will be a good influence because representation matters.”

Experts agree that having teacher of color in the classroom improves learning, reduces racial disparities in discipline and increases educational success, according to a December article in the Star Tribune.

Currently led by Dr. Rebecca A. Neal, the CEUT also supports teacher candidates who are on track to obtain licensure and are early in their careers. The Center's framework works to remove barriers, create pathways, attain sustainable success for aspiring educators.

“Teaching is rewarding, yet challenging at the same time,” said Neal. “The CEUT program provides guidance and resources specifically for these teachers to help them continue their careers and be present in the classroom for the diverse students who need them.”

There are 47 students, including the 22 most recent scholarship recipients, being served by the program this year.

By mentoring and providing scholarships to People of Color and American Indians, the CEUT helps to increase the number of teachers of color in Minnesota. Since it began in 1997 under the direction of Dr. Sandra Winn Tutwiler, the CEUT has prepared over 275 students of color for the teaching profession.

Recipient Monique Plaster said of receiving the award, “The scholarship meant the world to me. It was a confirmation that I am going into the correct profession and it also helped to make my education financially possible.”

Hamline University is one of four institutions awarded a grant through the Minnesota Department of Education through the Collaborative Urban Educator program, the grant program that funds the CEUT scholarships.

The 2018 undergraduate recipients of the CEUT Scholarship for aspiring teachers who are People of Color or American Indian are: Karina Olivar; Lili Weisman; Pa Nhia Vang; Ericka Yang; Monique Plaster; Haley Greene; Amanda Chen; Jada Steward; Cathy Ngo; Morelia Sanchez; Andrew Cin-Walker; Eh Klerdah Tee; Maia Dabney-Miller; Christopher Holmes; Marisa L. Shackleford; Jasmine A. Kurian; Emma Rask; Christie Xiong; Diana Chiqui; India Hampton; Hawa Salad; and, Nia Ford.

More information about the CEUT is available on the center's website.



Written by staff.