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Edward R. Murrow Journalists Visit Hamline


On November 10 Hamline opened its campus to 23 international journalists who visited as part of a new Correspondent Exchange Network (CEN) program sponsored through Global Minnesota and U.S State Department.

Hamline is the first university to take part in this new program, which will facilitate a pen pal mentorship between students and international journalists who are part of the Edward R. Murrow Program.

“It's truly a privilege for Hamline to be the first university to host the Correspondent Exchange Network event. It was wonderful to hear these international journalists share their personal and professional experiences and see my students come to understand that despite their different backgrounds, journalists as a whole have a drive to pursue truth and work hard to inform the public the best they possibly can,” said Suda Ishida, a Hamline communication studies professor and speaker on media and foreign policy for Global Minnesota's Great Decisions Program.

Participating journalists were nominated and selected by their countries’ U.S. Embassies on the basis of their accomplishments and potential to strengthen relations between their country and the United States.

This year the Edward R. Murrow journalists included editors-in-chief, executive producers, TV anchors, and news reporters from: Albania, Algeria, China/Hong Kong, Belize, The Bahamas, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, Estonia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Laos, Latvia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Poland, Tanzania, Thailand, Russia, South Africa and The West Bank.

The Hamline event started with a group discussion for journalists and students to examine issues of of fake news, social media, ethics in writing and United States media.

During the second half of the event each student was partnered with a journalist for individual interviews, which gave students the chance to interact one-on-one with journalists and get advice while learning about their culture and career.

Marleni Cuellar, Edward R. Murrow journalist from Belize, said that this is an important program because it helps students have a better understanding of each culture and what challenges they go through, therefore giving them a better understanding of the world.

“I was really touched by the strong connection we were able to make. It’s so important to connect with those that are far away from us,” said junior Katie Pluff, “The only way to make change in the world is through commonality and understanding.”

The visit to Hamline was sponsored by The U.S. Department of State, Global Minnesota, and Hamline University's Communication Studies Department and Global Studies Department.

Written by Emma Larson