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Hamline Website Content Management

Hamline relies on each and every unit to maintain their own presence on our website. Accurate, up to date content isn't just a nice thing to have, studies show it's the most influential information source for prospective undergraduate students RNL. Beyond that, it's vital to maintaining a positive reputation for all audiences.

No need to feel overwhelmed, the Hamline Digital Team is committed to training and assisting units with their content posting efforts. Let us help you find the best ways to manage your own content!

How to get started
Step 1: Look at all of the pages your unit manages. Is the content accurate? Do all the links work? Is there outdated content that we need to update? Document all changes that need to be made.
Step 2: Sign up for website training and learn what you can change yourself. 
Step 3: For more significant changes, submit a project request form and we'll gladly take on the projects and communicate timelines.

Any questions? Email Nick Watts, Digital Marketing Manager at nwatts01@hamline.edu.