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Neal Published

Rebecca Neal, an associate professor and Director of the Center for Excellence in Urban Teaching, recently published three articles addressing issues of educational equity. 

The first manuscript, titled Strategies for Caring Mathematical Examining Interactions, details a framework for how teachers of African American and Latina students can engage in high impact, high quality classroom relational interactions. It is published in the official journal of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Teaching Children Mathematics. To read more click here.

The second publication, The Role of Faith in Advocating for Black Minds, is within the book #BrokenPromises, Black Deaths, & Blue Ribbons. The chapter argues that one cannot value Black minds unless the lives of Black people are cared for. More can be information can be found here.

The third publication, Excluded: How Race Plays a Role in Exclusionary Practices in Special Education in Minnesota, is a policy brief that address the need for reform of special education and disciplinary practices in Minnesota’s K-12 Public Schools. Additional information about the brief can be found here.