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CJL Event with Innocence Project Draws a Crowd

The Center for Justice and Law (CJL) partnered with the Minnesota Innocence Project to observe Wrongful Conviction Day on October 2. The agenda included an overview and film from Mark Saxenmeyer about the wrongful conviction case of Audrey Edmunds, a presentation on the impact of science on criminal justice by Julie Jonas, and a presentation by Edmunds herself.

The event was part of a series from the CJL. Coming up on October 25, the CJL will partner with the Minnesota Second Chance Coalition for a full-day conference on the issues that individuals face after a criminal conviction including access to housing, employment, parenting, and voting rights. Emily Baxter, author of We Are All Criminals and the leader of nonprofit organization of the same name, as well as a panel of impacted individuals, will speak.  

On November 9, the CJL will present the results and analysis from leaders of one of the most significant studies of mass shootings in history—the mass shooter database project. Led by Hamline University’s Jillian Peterson, Ph.D., and featuring James Densley, Ph.D. from Metropolitan State University, this event will share insights from the database project and offer new ways for law enforcement, mental health professionals, and the legal system to approach this critical issue.

For more information please see the CJL event calendar.

Written by staff