Hamline News

Making history

Hamline students and alumni are the leaders of today and tomorrow. 

We at Hamline have a long history of cultivating leaders who have the courage and tenacity to make the world better for everyone, who take the lead in education, business, the sciences, criminal justice, and so many other areas.

Hamline, as the first university in Minnesota to open its doors to women and one of the first to create a culturally inclusive classroom, stands at the forefront of progress for the state, the nation, and the world. Now going boldly into the next century, we continue to take the lead as changemakers and innovators, driven by purpose and passion to do all the good we can.

This issue is filled to the brim with inspiring examples of Hamline community members taking the lead as science innovators, political trailblazers, and thought leaders.

From Mary Stark, a 1902 graduate and cancer research pioneer, to Marti Head ’91, an authority on computer-aided drug design—discover how scientists throughout Hamline’s history have impacted and continue to change the world through groundbreaking contributions in their fields.

Find out how first-generation college students and alumni—like Minneapolis Council member Andrea Jenkins MFA ’10, the first openly transgender black woman ever elected to public office—are forging successful career paths despite difficult challenges.

Also, don’t miss the story about criminal justice professor Jillian Peterson and her students, who have drawn national attention for their research that could help to prevent mass shootings.

I’m proud to say that Hamline University students and alumni are the leaders of today and tomorrow. They are trailblazers paving the way toward a future that even our founders couldn’t have imagined. They’re helping us write another chapter in our long, illustrious history by overcoming the odds, standing for justice, and shaping the world around them.

Fayneese Miller
President, Hamline University