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New Book from MFAC Alum Megan Atwood

Megan Atwood The Devils You Know 375

The Devils You Know by Megan Atwood (as M.C. Atwood)

Published by Soho Teen
Publication Date: October 3, 2017
YA Fiction/Horror 

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About the Book

In this riveting debut, equal parts Cabin in the Woods and The Breakfast Club, five teens will discover what lies within a local, infamous house is darker, and more personal, than any urban legend.

Plenty of legends surround the infamous Boulder House in Whispering Bluffs, Wisconsin, but nobody takes them seriously. Certainly nobody believes that the original owner, Maxwell Cartwright Jr., cursed its construction—or that a murder of crows died upon its completion, turning the land black with their carcasses. If there were truth to any of the local folklore, River Red High wouldn’t offer a field trip there for the graduating class.

Five very different seniors—Violet, Paul, Ashley, Dylan, and Gretchen—volunteer, each for private reasons, none of which have to do with trip itself. When they’re separated from the group, they discover that what lies within Boulder House is far more horrifying than any rumor they’ve heard. To survive, they’ll have to band together and ultimately confront the truths of their darkest selves. 

Critical Praise

"This will be a hit with horror fans, especially those who think nothing can scare them. A must-purchase for horror shelves." —School Library Journal

"The Devils You Know is truly a literary tour-de-force of the supernatural genre, at the same time disturbing, frightening, and fascinating." —New York Journal of Books

"Atwood debuts with a hefty serving of uncanny gore and alluring malevolence." —Kirkus Reviews

"Debut novelist Atwood combines humor and horror with precision, ensuring that this story remains as creepy as it is fun.” —Publishers Weekly

"The Devils You Know is a must-read for fans of adventure horror. With plenty of creep and plenty of humor, plus some wicked origin lore, Atwood has crafted the perfect demonic fun-house ride. When can I go again?" —Kendare Blake, New York Times bestselling author of Three Dark Crowns

"Creepy dolls? Check. Shameful secrets? Check. A sinister old house with a mind of its own? Check. I could keep listing The Devils You Know's enticing attributes all day long—ooh, can't forget suspense, compassion, and deliciously wicked humor—but at some point you'll just have to ignore me, pick up the book, and start reading. And once you do? Ha! Atwood's got you. You're trapped; you can't escape. Or, I should say, you won't want to." —Christine Heppermann, author of Poisoned Apples and Ask Me How I Got Here

“With The Devils You Know, M.C. Atwood proves to be a master at plotting insidious twists and turns—a Breakfast Club horror for the 21st century, albeit one best savored during daylight hours.”  —S.A. Bodeen, author of The Gardener and The Compound

"A delicious cast of characters propels this cinematic thrill ride. M.C. Atwood’s voice is fresh, smart, bold, and witty—the perfect blend for a terrifying adventure in a legendary house of horrors. The Devils You Know will suck you in from the very first page and spit you out; you'll need a neck brace from its whiplash turns." —Laurie Stolarz, bestselling author of Blue Is for Nightmares and Shutter

Congratulations, Megan!