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National surveyssuch as the Alumni Attitude Study, our own surveys, and our personal interactions with alumni have shown us the importance of providing career support. That’s why we’ve created the Hamline Alumni Career Community and our comprehensive online Career Speaker Series.

The Alumni Career Community will give you access to career lectures, news, tools, and discussions. By sharing your current job search and soft skills knowledge, our Siri-like career advisor will present future and past lectures that will give you the confidence, knowledge, and skills you need to make your next career move.

The Career Speaker Series will enable you to tap into the advice, best practices, and tips of nearly 150 of the nation’s top career authors. This year, the series features 41 live lectures in five unique webinar series designed to provide career advice through each of the transitions of your life.

The Career Speaker Series—which runs from October through June—is held every Wednesday from
7–8 p.m. CT.

We call this comprehensive career curriculum a life-cycle career programming strategy because it is designed to support career success from the moment a student arrives on campus to the day he or she retires.

It’s easy to participate in our Career Community and Career Speaker Series.

Visit our Career Community at alumnicareerservices.org/hamline and register. You will receive a bimonthly reminder of the upcoming lectures and will have the option of adding the lectures in which you are most interested to your personal calendar.

The webinars are designed to be interactive and engaging. You can download the authors’ presentations to take notes as well as ask questions of the authors during the Q&A sessions.

Watch for author book presentations or special invites to Google Hangouts. Also look for ongoing discussions available for a select number of participants or—in some cases—everyone who participates.

All webinars are recorded and available to watch immediately following their live showing. Our goal is to help you absorb and use the information to advance your career. To support this, we’ve designed each recorded lecture to be more of a career-learning resource. You can download a worksheet, which will include questions the authors want you to think about as you develop your career strategies and plans. We firmly believe the more time and commitment you make to your career, the better the chances that you will achieve your career goals.


Announcing HU career speaker series



First Wednesday of the month: Features authors who provide the latest tips and strategies for job seekers. Our CareerSearch series includes traditional job-search knowledge such as building résumés, acing interviews, and networking as well as internet-related job search strategies. This series will get you to your next job quicker.


Second Wednesday: Tap into the knowledge of career authors who share workplace advice. The CareerDiscussions series covers issues such as dealing with difficult people, negotiating salaries, breaking through the glass ceiling, and changing careers. When you have a career plan, you will get where you want to go faster and with less effort.  


Third Wednesday: Brings you the CareerSkills series, which will introduce authors who can help you build your “soft skills,” which help to enhance leadership, teamwork, time management, communication, and creative skills. Enhanced soft skills means career and salary advances. 


Fourth Wednesday: Boomers can find the advice they need via the CareerEncores series. We feature authors that help pre- and post-retirees deal with the emotional, psychological, physical, spiritual, financial, and even entrepreneurial issues they face. 


Finally, our Career Community and Career Speaker Series offers career support to our graduates CareerCamp assembles 10 authors who provide the knowledge and strategies recent grads will need to transition from their college dorms to their first professional jobs.


You can join our free Career Community at alumnicareerservices.org/hamline 

When you visit the site:

• Click on the My Plan tab and update your profile and job search skills to learn what you can do right now to advance your career plan.

• Review the list of the upcoming career lectures and use the calendar option to add them to your personal calendar.

• Give us feedback. Click on the survey button to tell us what we can do to support your career goals and let us know about your career changes, awards, achievements, and job changes.