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Sayonita Ghosh Hajra Receives Community Social Justice Award

Assistant Professor of Mathematics Sayonita Ghosh Hajra receives the Hamline University Community Social Justice Award presented from the Wesley Center for Spirituality, Service, and Social Justice. The award is established in honor of Professor Emeritus Donald P. Irish to recognize Hamline University community members for their work on behalf of human rights, social justice, and peace.

 "Assistant Professor Sayonita Ghosh Hajra brings such enrichment to the Hamline to Hamline Collaboration with her commitment to educational access for Hamline Elementary students and public school teachers," said Nancy Vang, the coordinator of service learning at Hamline. "As a new faculty member to Hamline, she has stepped in right away to Hamline Elementary by incorporating community engagement into her mathematic classrooms with her students."

In addition to teaching mathematics classes, Ghosh Hajra is heavily involved in the Hamline Elementary School. She has partnered with a 3rd grade class and has helped engage students with math after school. Her Math and Coding Literacy Project was recently featured in the Midway Como Monitor. Ghosh Hajra also coordinates a St. Paul Elementary Math Teachers' Circle which aims to provide support to elementary teachers in the Twin Cities and engage them in learning mathematical concepts in a hands-on way.

"Sayonita is a community treasure to both Hamline Elementary and Hamline University, we are so honored to have her as a part of both communities," said Vang.