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Endo Presents

Rachel Endo, a faculty member in the School of Education, led and presented at the American Educational Research Association’s annual conference in San Antonio, Texas. Endo was a discussant for a session, titled Multicultural/Multiethnic Education: Students Navigating Educational and Social Contexts, for the Multicultural/Multiethnic Special Interest Group. This session focused on the contradictions and tensions of attempting to theorize the ethnic, racialized, and transitional identities of diverse learners while also focusing on narratives of agency and resilience.

Endo was also an invited panelist for the Research on the Education of Asian Pacific Americans Special Interest Group's business meeting for a session, titled To the Left or Right of the Color Line? Asian American and Pacific Islander Radical Solidarities for Racial Justice, in which she also received the Inaugural Don T. Nakanishi Excellence in Mentoring Award. Sharing an interpretive-lyrical analysis of the late Tupac Shakur’s award-winning song Changes (1998) as a conceptual basis, Endo spoke of the longstanding disparities, inequities, and injustices that racialized Americans have confronted in U.S. schools and societies since the formation of the Union. Endo reflected on how Shakur candidly spoke about various issues such as the criminalization of males of color, police brutality, and racial profiling, all of which are fundamental topics that she believes equity-minded educators and leaders must know about and take active steps to dismantle in order to fully actualize equity in both practice and theory.