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Assistant professor of philosophy Gary Gabor recently submitted Simplicius of Cilicia: Plato's Last Interpreter to the Brill Companion to the Reception of Plato in Antiquity, to be published later in 2017. The paper examines the interpretation of Plato, the most important philosopher of antiquity, in the writings of Simplicius of Cilicia, one of the last philosophers of antiquity, after the closing of the Platonic Academy in Athens, 529 CE, which led to the diffusion of Greco-Roman philosophical thought to later Christian, Islamic, and Jewish thinkers. The pre-peer-reviewed version of the article (Brill's guidelines) will be available in Hamline's Institutional Depository and on Gabor's page at https://hamline.academia.edu/GaryGabor. After the 24-month embargo period has elapsed, an updated version will be made available.