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New Book from MFAC Alum Molly B. Burnham


Teddy Mars Book #3: Almost an Outlaw
by Molly B. Burnham

Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Publication date: March 21, 2017
Juvenile Fiction, 8-12 years, 288 pages
Illustrated by: Trevor Spencer
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Author's Website: mollybburnham.com


Those who have read the first two books in the Teddy Mars series know that Teddy leads an interesting life. But you wouldn't call him a rule-breaker. You wouldn'theavens!call him an outlaw. But when his Aunt Ursula starts laying down too many rulesspecifically one about pet pigeonsTeddy has to wonder if certain rules aren't meant to be broken. 

Teddy Mars: Almost an Outlaw is the conclusion to this heartwarming and much-loved series for young readers by the winner of the 2016 Sid Fleischman Humor Award. 

Told in short, accessible sections with fun lists and rambunctious illustrations, the heartwarming Teddy Mars series is perfect for reading aloud. Teddy’s never-give-up attitude will have readers laughing out loud and striving to break world records of their own.

Just like world records, some rules are made to be broken. When Teddy’s great-aunt Ursula moves in, she makes rules about everything from juice to The Guinness Book of World Records to being a good big brother. At first, Teddy is excited. Maybe she’ll finally end The Destructor’s reign of terror! But when Aunt Ursula’s newest rule, PIGEONS ARE NOT PETS, puts the neighborhood pigeons in danger, Teddy may have to bend a few rules to save them.

PRAISE for teddy mars: almost a winner

Teddy’s fresh perspective, aided by spot-on middle-grade humor… will win over readers in no time flat.
—Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

Young readers with siblings will identify with Teddy’s realistic struggles with his younger brother and older sisters. Short chapters and the subject matter make this a perfect book for reluctant readers as well as those who enjoy a laugh. Here’s hoping for more Teddy Mars adventures!
—School Library Journal

A hilarious story that revolves around school, friends, and family.

PRAISE FOR TEDDY MARS: ALMOST A world record breaker

2016 Sid Fleischman Humor Award winner and named to the 2017/18 Horned Toad Reading List

Teddy Mars is the everyman kind of anti-hero, with a stubborn hope and determination to find his own place in the world. It is this quality of resilience in the face of adversity... that makes him such an irresistible and adorable character who is easy to root for.
—Johanna McKenna M.Ed., for The Nerdy Book Club

Engaging first-person narration, ample drama and bizarre actual world records. Fans of world-record quests will savor Teddy’s efforts.”
—Kirkus Reviews

A highly entertaining debut. Delightfully rambunctious black and white sketches elevate the comedy, while Teddy’s hard-nosed perseverance with the aid of friends new and old, takes world record-making to hilarious new heights.
—Publishers Weekly

This heartwarming story starts the Teddy Mars series on a hilarious foot, tracing one boy’s struggle to stand out in a big family, one failed record-breaking attempt after another. Once the wreckage is cleared, what’s left is a loving family that celebrates one another for exactly who they are.

Teddy is so amiable and put-upon, he’ll find plenty of fans who’ll want to read more in the promised series. The book’s format, with monthly chapters divided into smaller subchapters, makes this a good choice for reading logs, and the report Teddy has to do on pigeons makes this book an ideal pairing with a nonfiction title on these urban birds.
—School Library Journal

There’s a lot to love here: a quirky family, an eccentric next door neighbor, best friends, and a dream come true.
Literacy Daily 


Molly B. Burnham has been a dog walker, ice-cream scooper, and elementary school teacher. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband, two daughters, and a dog named Pepito. Pigeons really do live next door to her. Sadly, Grumpy Pigeon Man does not. Molly earned an MFA in children's writing from Hamline University in 2010. She has not broken a world record—yet!

Molly is a former teacher who now devotes her time to writing. She is the author of Teddy Mars: Almost a World Record-Breaker and Teddy Mars: Almost a Winner.

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Other information

The illustrator of the Teddy Mars series, Trevor Spencer, loves animated films almost as much as Teddy Mars loves world records. Trevor fills his days with making toys and drawing books with his lovely wife in California. His evenings are dedicated to bringing Teddy Mars to life, and he couldn't be happier. 

Molly will be reading from her latest book at Broadside Bookshop in Northampton, Massachusetts at 2 pm on Sunday, March 26th. Facebook Event.