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Diversity Climate Study Recommendations Ready for Review and Discussion

The Diversity Initiatives Steering Committee (DISC) is eager to share some important work undertaken by the committee related to strengthening diversity and inclusive excellence at the university. The work on the recent Diversity Climate Assessment, inclusive of focus groups and a survey on feedback from members of the university community, has resulted in a report and a set of recommendations that has been shared with the campus. 

DISC invites you to review its recommendations on the website. This report requires you to log in with your Hamline account. In the next couple of weeks, DISC will work with Faculty Council, Hamline University Staff Association, Hamline Undergraduate Student Congress and other entities to arrange opportunities for members of the community to provide feedback on the work and the recommendations. 

More about the Diversity Climate Assessment process: At every step along a process that covered nearly five semesters, significant care was taken to include all the voices in the community and to be guided by the mission of the institution. The Diversity Climate Assessment process began in the spring of 2015 with a series of open-ended focus group sessions facilitated by social scientists from the University of Minnesota. Based on the comprehensive report of this research team and drawing from previous research on the Hamline campus climate, members of DISC created and launched a survey instrument in the fall of 2015. Response rates to the survey were very high and overall participation exceeded expectations. Members of the community shared a great deal of information, both quantitative and qualitative, about their impression of diversity and inclusion at Hamline University.

In the spring and summer of 2016, survey results were shared widely and significant feedback was solicited and received by the committee. After a lengthy review of the recent survey and earlier focus groups, DISC developed and shared with President Miller and Provost Matachek recommendations along six themes: Baselines and Bench Marking; Recruitment and Retention; Campus Safety; Disability Resources and Access, Ideological Diversity; and Positive Diversity Work.

DICS thanks the Hamline community for its support and participation in the various related activities that led to the report and recommendations that are shared with the campus.