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Jason Verdugo Appointed to NCAA D-III Diversity Panel

Hamline University Athletic Director Jason Verdugo has been appointed to the NCAA Division III Diversity and Inclusion Working Group. Verdugo, who has been athletic director at Hamline University since May 2012, is one of just four athletic directors on the 12-member committee who will work with members of the NCAA to increase diversity among student-athletes, coaches and athletic administrators.

"I am honored to be asked to be a part of this group," Verdugo said. "This committee has members from a variety of schools located in all parts of the United States. The goal here is to achieve ethnic and racial diversity and gender equity in D-III schools across the country. The committee's goal is to find ways to do this."
In 2015, Division III delegates endorsed the idea of a Diversity and Inclusion group. The concept is to assess the current landscape in Division III and come up with proposals in the forms of resources, initiatives and policies to expand diversity. You can read the original announcement on the athletics page.