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Access to Lynda.com

Learn how to write a better résumé, become a project manager, or enhance your leadership skills. All Hamline students, faculty, and staff have access to Lynda.com, a tool that provides high-quality, professional video tutorials and training, which can supplement textbooks and classroom instruction, as well as give users the ability to develop new or enhance existing professional and creative skills.

Lynda.com features videos on more than 200 subjects, all of which are taught by leaders in their respective fields. Topics range from professionally oriented videos about business, IT, development, and marketing, to videos about developing personal skills such as clear writing and communication and computer skills, to creative videos about video game development, Photoshop, and even music lessons.

Lynda.com also offers self-help resources for many academic technologies and software used in courses, such as Blackboard Learn, Excel, Word, and Google Docs.

To log in to Lynda.com, either go to the Hamline logins webpage or go directly to the Hamline Lynda portal, and use your Hamline user name and password. 

For more information about Lynda.com, go to the Lynda.com page on the ITS website.

The Central Service Desk (CSD) is also available to answer questions and offer support. Please call 651-523-2220, email its-service@hamline.edu, or stop by the CSD on the first floor of Bush Memorial Library with your questions.