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Sustainability Efforts

Message from Vice President for Finance and Administration about Sustainability Efforts:

As the spring semester begins, Hamline University has been revitalizing and improving its sustainability efforts to foster engagement in environmentally-friendly practices and to make Hamline University better stewards of its resources. The senior leadership team has asked the Office of Facilities Planning and Management to develop a list of reduction strategies to allow us to decrease Hamline University’s landfill waste output through cost-effective means. 

The sustainability efforts will be widespread, inviting all areas and departments across campus to engage in and assist with energy reduction strategies. Exploration will include landscape and work order/capital request prioritization, among other efforts. 

As a first step, senior leadership has looked at the optimal cleaning frequency of offices. Beginning on Monday, February 6, faculty and staff will take responsibility for cleaning their personal work environments, notably emptying their own trash. Hamline public spaces will remain the responsibility of the custodial staff. Many campuses have adopted this practice to enhance recycling use. It is a proven strategy that also allows custodial hours to be redeployed in the higher visibility public areas that are so important to providing an attractive environment for our campus community and guests of the university.

A dedicated vacuum cleaner and duster will be provided at accessible locations in all buildings to allow employees the ability to further clean their personal work spaces should that be needed (see below for vacuum locations). Additionally, trash and recycling containers currently located in classrooms will be replaced with larger waste and recycling containers in nearby public areas of buildings. This will improve sorting of waste, use fewer trash liners, and maximize custodial staff’s time. 

For the next few weeks, as this new practice is begun, please help students support the effort by encouraging them at the end of each class or meeting to remove all trash and recyclables from classrooms and to use the large containers near classrooms and labs.

Please look for further information in Inside Hamline. If you have any questions about these sustainability efforts, please contact Facilities Services at 651-523-2225.

Thank you for your continued support and desire to make Hamline the best that it can be.

Vacuum cleaner and duster locations: 

1) 2nd floor restroom 

Alumni House 

1) The garage

Anderson Center

1)  3rd floor Student Activity Suite

2)  2nd floor food services

3)  1st floor in the CEM office

Bush Memorial Library 

1) Lower Level in the Writing Center

2) 1st Floor behind reception

Bush Student Center 

1)  Within the Security Office

Central Plant Building 

1) 2nd floor by the copy machine

Creative Writing House 

1) 2nd floor restroom

Drew Fine Arts 

1) 1st floor in office 110

Drew Residence Hall 

1) In the break area of Suite 6

Drew Science Center 

1) In the kitchenette of 113

East Hall 

1) In 113 behind the reception desk

2) 2nd floor by the women’s restroom

3) 3rd floor by the copy machine

Giddens/Alumni Learning Center 

1) In 107 W

Manor Residence Hall 

1)  In Health Services

Old Main 

1) Basement hallway by the kitchenette

2) 2nd floor Bridgman Hall

3) 3rd floor Bridgman Hall mezzanine

Robins Science Center 

1) 1st floor office 105

Snelling Store Front Office 

1) By the rear copy machine

Walker Field House 

1) In the closet behind the reception desk


1) 1st floor offices

West Hall 

1) In the 1st floor break area adjacent to suite 110

2) In the 2nd floor break area across from the elevator

3) 3rd floor office suite by the restrooms