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CWP Faculty, Alumni Win Minnesota State Arts Board Grants

2016 State Board Grants375

Ten poets and thirty-two prose writers are among the winners of Minnesota Arts Board Grants, including CWP faculty Angela Pelster-Wiebe and Sun Yung Shin; alumni Kate St. Vincent Vogl (MFA '16), Molly Beth Griffin (MFAC '09), and Marcus Kessler (MFA '00).  

Angela Pelster-Wiebe
Pelster-Wiebe will complete her nonfiction manuscript City Symphony. She will have a public reading as well as a workshop on using special collections resources in creative writing projects. 

Sun Yung Shin
Shin will complete the manuscript for a fourth book of poetry with images, and purchase projection equipment to create innovative readings and events.  

Molly B. Griffin
Griffin will complete Either/Or, a new young adult novel exploring themes of sexuality, race, and identity policing. She will host a reading in collaboration with the Queer Voices Reading Series at the Loft in Minneapolis and Addendum Books in Saint Paul.  

Marcus H. Kessler
Kessler will complete a memoir about moving from Chicago to a farm in rural Minnesota with his twelve siblings. He will host a reading on the frontier's legacy in Saint Paul.  

Kate St Vincent Vogl
Vogl will work with an editor to prepare her first novel, The Narrows, for submission. She will also organize a multi-genre reading in the Twin Cities and provide two writing workshops in greater Minnesota.

Congratulations, all. Great work!

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