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Juliet Patterson Releases New Book of Poetry


Threnody by Juliet Patterson
Published by Nightboat Books
Publication Date: November 1, 2016
Poetry, 96 pages
Order the book: UPNE Booksellers
Author's website: julietpatterson.com



An urgent and scintillating second collection by poet and activist Juliet Patterson. Part lamentation, part ode, Threnody (the word originates from the Greek, threnos, “wailing” and oide “ode”), examines the beauty and violence of our present ecological moment with a lyric and meditative eye. Concerned with the precise relationship of components in the world these poems exist in the overlap between imagination and fact, truth and history, territory and map, the living and the dead.


In Juliet Patterson’s sure-footed aesthetic the intellectual, physical and spiritual are woven together—the result is a world saturated by the human mind, and a mind saturated by the world. These poems are driven by a passionate grief for how we have treated this world as a dispensable other when even the reverie of prairie depends on a real bee of the kind “whose life/ burst furious through fields” or “the shimmering plain/half in, half out of time,” “the world’s time/becoming completely destitute/time, but also perhaps not, not yet, /not even yet.”
Jane Mead   

As if composed by Psyche and Echo—in its pared-down, spiny, neologistic apprehension—when desire speaks, death responds. Forever. And then desire speaks again. Whether it's the innumerable deaths of soldiers, or the sudden, inexplicable deaths of whole colonies of bees, Juliet Patterson's marvelous, wrenching lamentation recalls the forlorn desire and hopefulness in Paul Celan's 'Threadsuns.' Terse, scary, heartfelt—such is this terrific book of poems.
Ralph Angel 

Threnody, a lament. It is Juliet Patterson’s lament, in particular, that brings us to such spare and evocative utterances that deftly construct “a little hole in the eye.” I am simply in awe of what I find in this collection.
Prageeta Sharma 

Juliet Patterson’s poems are entirely themselves; they use time and the eye and tongue—all the body, as thought and insight, inside and outside history.
Jean Valentine 

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Book Launch: Thursday, October 27th
7 pm - 10 pm
"Please join me in celebrating the release of my new book, Threnody, at the Bryant Lake Bowl, with special guest and Twin Cities music vet Wendy Lewis."
Facebook Event Page

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Juliet Patterson is the author of The Truant Lover (Nightboat Books, 2006), winner of the Nightboat Books Poetry Prize, and the chapbooks Epilogue (Spout Press, 2016) and Dirge (Albion Books). 

Patterson teaches through Hamline University as well as St. Olaf College, Chatham University’s MFA program, and the Loft Literary Center, where she was recently awarded an Excellence in Teaching Fellowship. Her recent awards include the Arts & Letters Susan Atefat Prize in Non-Fiction, Lynda Hull Memorial Poetry Prize, and fellowships from the Jerome Foundation and the Minneapolis-based Institute for Community and Cultural Development.

As a community activist and artist, Patterson has worked on a number of collaborative projects related to place-making and the environment. She lives in Minneapolis with her partner and son. 

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