Hamline News

Center for Justice and Law launched

The new Center for Justice and law at Hamline brings together people across campus who are focused on legal and justice work to collaborate with community partners in finding solutions to contemporary problems, provide high-impact educational opportunities to students, support collaborative research, and sponsor public symposia.

“There is already a strong cohort of faculty who are immersed in justice and law across a variety of departments,” says College of Liberal Arts Interim Dean Marcela Kostihova. Members will include representatives from legal studies, social justice, criminology and criminal justice, forensic science, and conflict studies, as well as more diverse areas like sustainability, business, English, and sociology.

“Almost a quarter of our students come to Hamline eager to work in this field, and we have a number of community partners with whom we're engaged in active collaboration on grants and various justice and law-related projects,” Kostihova says. A new interim director will assume the post this spring.

—Julie Kendrick