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Students provide warm welcome to Syrian refugees

After moving halfway across the world to escape the conflict in their native land, Syrian refugees face a number of challenges, including trying to stay warm during their first North American winter.

The Hamline Muslim Student Association recently held a drive to provide warm clothing to Syrian refugees in Canada, Michigan, and Minnesota.

More than 200 bags of clothing were donated to the campaign by students, alumni, staff, and community members.

“The idea originated with the Who Is Hussain? campaign, but it was my idea to bring it to Hamline,” says student organizer Nadia Almosawi ’16. The campaign is a global movement that seeks to spread the message of Hussain ibn Ali, a man viewed by many as the Muslim equivalent of Mahatma Gandhi.

“We hoped to raise awareness of the situation and impact the way people view this crisis,” Almosawi says.

—Julie Kendrick