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MFA Alum Book Release Event


MFA alum April Vinding '05 is celebrating the release of her memoir, Triptych. The release party is April 23 at 7 p.m.at Art House North. The event will include music, food, and drinks, art-making, and a reading at 7:30 p.m. Books will be available for purchase and all are invited to contemplate, commune, and create!

About the Book

Triptych, a spiritual memoir by April Vinding, was released by Wipf & Stock in early April. The book grapples with the complications of the faith of incarnation and how their dimensions shift as we grow.

The work began as Vinding’s thesis project for her Hamline MFA (April Schmidt, during her time at Hamline).

From the Publisher

Faith is a container that holds a match: a puzzle, a flame, a fight.

How do we make sense of God through human relationship?
How do the layers of experience and theology interleave?
How do the persons of the Trinity appear in the formative altars of our lives?

With vivid imagery and a compelling lyric voice, Triptych grapples with the complications of the faith of incarnation and how their dimensions shift as we grow. Probing the implications of trinity, the memoir unfolds in three sections. "Fathers" wrestles through faith in childhood, trying to make sense of the lines of love and duty and how fathers represent a Father God. "Sons" chronicles blistered experiences of young adulthood: trying to find love and cope with sexuality when being faithful means a flame burns both human and divine. "Holy Ghosts" continues the stitching and colliding of human and divine relationships by confronting marriage and the Spirit as intimate, intervening, and intrusive.

Some of the Praise...

"It's the author's voice—incisive, focused, and most of all, honest—that pulls us into this three-part memoir. This is a book about struggle and grace, blessings and confusion, a book that shines with the author's desire to make clear, both to readers and herself, what kind of life, what kind of faith, what kind of love is worth claiming and fighting for."
—Deborah Keenan, author of so she had the world and From Tiger to Prayer

"Poetry, says one poet, is where word and world intersect. Triptych, a poet's memoir, is such a place. In finely crafted, incisive language, the work probes the possibilities for meaning and self-acceptance in a world where neither comes easily, especially, perhaps, for a woman and a believer. That the story is sometimes unsettling is simply testimony to its honesty and insight."
—Daniel Taylor, author of Death Comes to the Deconstructionist; In Search of Sacred Places; and Letters to My Children

Save the Dates

Thursday, April 21, 10:20-11:00 am
Bethel University Library, Fireside Lounge

April will read from Triptych and take questions. Students and non-students welcome. Refreshments provided.

Release Party!
Saturday, April 23rd, 7-9 pm
Art House North, 793 Armstrong Ave., St. Paul, MN 55102

Music, food and drinks, art-making, and a reading at 7:30. Books will be available for purchase and all are invited to contemplate, commune, and create. Come raise a glass to the written word, the fight for beauty in the world, and the formative power of tenacious questions. Join us—bring a friend; meet some kindred spirits.

Updates and reminders for all events on Twitter: @TriptychMemoir

About the Author

"I'm trying to be a lot of things. Honest. Good. Self-giving. I teach and write. Many artists work with their hands--make things-- and that's how words are for me. Words build, shape, brace. I come to know things by writing them. In my life, the words I read and the ones I write have created. I'm not entirely sure how this happens, but I do believe it has something to do with the nature of truth and beauty, the existence of a Living Word.

I live in Minnesota with my children, Sören and Gwyneth. If you read my work about parenting, you'll quickly see Sören and Gwyn alternate being 'thunder' and 'blessing.'

During the academic year, I teach creative writing at Bethel University in St. Paul. My students perplex and enthrall me nearly as often as my children, and working with them keeps me planted in the disciplines of art, but always among fresh currents." (From Amazon.com)

To read much more writing from April, including several excerpts from Triptych, visit Ruminate Magazine where she is a frequent contributor.

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